About Me



So…you clicked this page to learn more “about me” eh? Well Hello there…. *sly smirk*, my name is Hanan and welcome to my blog. You see, I can’t necessarily use this specific page to talk just about myself because isn’t that the point of my entire blog? *ba dum tshhhhh*. Wow, I’m actually lame but really and honestly, it’s my hope that with this blog I can spread love and light to your lives. I pray always that Allah ﷻ grants your hearts peace and mine as well.

This blog is a space where I allow my thoughts to ramble on and express myself. A place where I can share my thoughts, ideas, reminders for my self first and of course all of you, memories, and other content that I feel will be beneficial. Let’s face it though,  I’m not a perfect human being and I don’t see this blog as being only a space for myself but also for you readers too!

It’s my hope that through my blog posts you’ll find a sense of comfort. I think my end goal is that through my writing, I’ll be able to spread some level of happiness into your life. I’m a firm believer that positive words and love can be used to heal our wounds. You deserve to be happy as much as anyone and I can’t wait for you to dive into my blog.

I hope your days are filled with beauty and lots of light. If you’d like to keep in touch, you can follow me on my social media handles, or fill out the form on “contact”.

I also have a podcast http://www.soundcloud.com/hanansthoughts if you’d rather hear my voice than read my thoughts!